About Us

GLUE is the hub for tech and innovation.

We believe that supporting each other is a good way to learn, brainstorm ideas, have fun and even change the world. The problem we are trying to solve here is how to make it easier to build such tech based communities.

Our Story

Glue is about creating solutions for creators and makers. We are building products that support such communities to create, share and engage with one another.

Our aim with GLUE is to enable purposeful discussions and thereby change. However, the existing communities use WhatsApp, Reddit, Facebook groups, Slack and Hacker News and Twitter, which are all great platforms to broadcast.

We witnessed the gaps in such platforms and found that peer-to-peer discussions were not happening in the finest way. Because of social distancing due to the pandemic, the behavior has also shifted online where discussions can happen with someone who lives in a different timezone. GLUE is thus enabling such peer-to-peer conversations to brainstorm, discuss and learn effortlessly.